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We are not your typical ghostwriting firm.


As authors, editors, designers, and voice actors, we often struggle with the stress of finding clients, booking, negotiating, and timelines. Joining a firm isn't always that much better. But we are not your typical churn and burn ghostwriting firm. We appeal to the mass of the client market while holding our writers AND our clients to high standards.

The marketplace is saturated with budding writers, editors, etc. and those of us who have the experience, accolades, and genuine love for the game, are stuck sifting through page after page of job offers on sites like Upwork and Fiverr, often settling for substandard wages. Not only that, but we're forced to pay out up to 25% of our wages to those kinds of sites.

Top Rated Ghostwriters is a subsidiary of Clever Girl writing, a 'by author for author' organization. We are all writers, and we've all been in the business, so we know the struggle and triumphs of the game. The company was started with that in mind. A place to break free of the low paying firms, and finally be able to make a more livable wage on our work so that we could take fewer gigs, and actually have a life. At least that's the dream, right?

We believe in transparency and fairness.

We are very transparent with our writer fees, and you will always know what you'll make off a project before you even start. There is nothing hidden and nothing outrageous. You know how much we charge the client, and you know how much our cut is. The owner works right alongside you with clients of her own, because she literally doesn't want to take your hard-earned money. Beyond our dedication to having an awesome team and family, here are some of the other reasons to submit a sample of work to us, and think about joining our family.


  • A SMALL, supportive base of seasoned talent working in the bulk of the ghostwriting market. We share our writing worlds, and we're all friends.

  • All professionals are hand chosen by the owner, so there's no mass hiring and constant churn out of writers. We want you here for the long haul 😊

  • Very low writer fees and all taken out of the project pay, and not hidden in the least. Instead of setting a straight across the board rate, we work with your rates and the client's needs.

  • Because we choose clients on an individual basis and discuss their budgets and requirements, we allow our writers to tell us what their minimum per word rate is.

  • No client hassles. We take care of the client and leave the creativity to you.

  • One on one access to the team, small team, but an awesome team.

  • Owned and operated by a fellow self-published author and fellow ghostwriter.

  • You choose your projects. You will never be forced to take a project. And we will never be upset if you decline one.


Our team is small for a reason because quality over quantity is important to us. If you have experience in ghostwriting, design, editing, or voice acting, fill out the questionnaire below, and we'll take a look! We hope to hear from you soon!

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