Our array of ghostwriting services are provided by Top Rated through thoroughly vetted ghostwriters with a wide array of experience in the fiction and non-fiction world. When looking at both sections you will notice there is an option for "Associate" and one for "Staff." Below are the explanations for each.

Associate- Thoroughly vetted by TPR, with excellent control of the English language, grammar, and story flow. Associate ghostwriters are those with 1-4 years of professional ghostwriting experience. While they may be newer to the field, they're held to the same quality standards as all TPR writers.

Staff- Our Staff writers, editors, talent have five plus years of ghostwriting experience. They are thoroughly vetted by TPR to ensure top quality writing. Many of our Staff writers also have award winning novels, are published authors themselves, and/or have extensive knowledge of the literary field and how it matches between reader and writer.

All of our staff are constantly working to improve upon their skills, as we believe, you can always improve, grow, and learn new things. All associate packages are in silver, and staff are in gold.