We will write a fiction book in your chosen length, to your specifications, thoroughly edit the book, and return it to you within one month and one week of the order date. We have writers with experience in a multitude of genres, styles, tenses, and points of view.


By purchasing this book, Top Rated Ghostwriters is under full obligation to keep your name, genre, book information, and all other details secret. We will not disclose any information of your person, or book details, and you will own all rights to the finished projects, notes, and any other information gathered when writing your book.


All Fiction books come with 2 revisions UP TO a plot change. If you do not have a plot, please add a plot to your cart at checkout. If you do have a plot, after purchase, please send your plot to info@topratedghostwriters.com along with all other information for the writer. All plots must be okayed by the writer before the writing begins. If you are purchasing a plot, please add 4 days onto the total due date for the book. You will be sent the plot before writing begins to ensure your satisfaction.


Top Rated Ghostwriters makes every effort to write best selling books, however, we are not responsible, nor do we make claim that you will sell any specific number of books. We cannot be held liable for sales of the book, nor will we do revisions on the book once you have signed off on it, without further payment.


If you would like to create a personalized package for a series, please contact us before purchasing. Once your purchase has cleared, you will receive a welcome email, as well as a written NDA and contract to sign via adobe sign. We cannot begin writing the book until the contract is signed.

Fiction Book Any Genre W/ Editing (Up to 70K)

  • No refunds will be processed after the writer begins writing, without express written permission from TPR owner/operator, and only due to the company's failure to provide the requested product. We will do everything we can to ensure you are happy with your book before you sign off on it. However, please understand that communication is key, and we will not refund purchases if no communication of issue is attempted. We pay our writers at the final turn in of the book, and all revisions are done after. It is important that our writers receive as timely of payment as it is for the clients to receive their books.