You're ready to book, but how does this all work?


TPR strives to make the client process as seamless and straightforward as possible for everyone. Below you will find the necessary process we employ so that you stay in the know from the beginning of the project to the end. If you order on our Book Now option you can skip all of these steps. We will contact you right away with the finalized date of turn in for your project! If you order a personalized project, here is the process:


1. The client fills out and sends in the questionnaire.

2. Either Email, Chat, or 30 Minute Call with the owner to get the full scope of the project, needs of the client, requested timeline of the project, and clear and concise delivery of requirements to and from the client.

3.   **Optional** TPR offers prompt writing services for a basic rate of .01 cents per word up to 2500 words for a more personalized selection of ghostwriter.

4. Proposal sent to the client for approval

5. Contract and NDA signing

6. Payment procurement based on client/TPR agreement

7. Turn in of first half of project by agreed upon date

8. Turn in of second half of the project by agreed upon date

9. Final Payment Procurement

10. **Optional on an As-Needed Basis** Revisions submitted and finalized.

11. Final Delivery



Plagiarism Free- All content written is quality checked to include a full plagiarism check before delivery. Our writers are professionals and hold their own standards to the highest level, so plagiarism is not an issue. However, for client peace of mind, we do run the book through the process.


Revisions- Our writers do their best to follow the plot to the tee, and check their work both through post writing basic writer editing and Grammarly processing. Our company uses the professional version of Grammarly on every order to ensure the writer's turn-in is as free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes as possible.

Grammarly also gives all submissions scores based on clarity, engagement, delivery, and correctness. TPR requires the writer to receive perfect or near-perfect ratings in all categories before turning in work.


Editing- Our team of ghostwriters are seasoned and educated on story formation, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. They hold their work at the highest standards. However, if you do not purchase an editing package with one of our professional editors, you will receive the book straight from the writer. Our writer's quality checks are not a substitution for a professional editor. It is always advised, for all writers and clients, of all skill levels, to procure a professional edit of all books before publishing. If you are interested in editing services, we can package it with your order and create a seamless process before it ever reaches your inbox.


Revisions- Every writing project comes with an optional 2 rounds of moderate revisions. This is not a substitute for editing. Revisions will be discussed with the owner, and dates of revision turn-ins will be based on client needs and writer availability. We want you to be happy if you don't like the flow of a chapter or the way something is written. However, revisions only cover up to a plot change. All plot changes may incur further charges.

If you do not purchase a professional edit to ensure writer schedules stay up to date and on time, we ask that all minor errors found, i.e., a misspelled word, single sentence change, etc. be completed by the client during their read through. Larger changes can be sent back to us to fix.


Discretion and NDA's- TPR stands in as the middleman. We provide all contact between the writer and the client. Top Rated Ghostwriters take discretion and non-disclosures very seriously. TPR will sign a non-disclosure with every single client. Each freelancer signs a non-disclosure with our company. Our freelancers are educated and reminded on a regular basis of the importance of discretion. The writers will not know the client's name or the actual title of the series. We do not allow our writers to take samples from books written with TPR unless EXPRESS permission from the client is given.

Likewise, the client will not be given the writer's personal information, including email address, messenger, phone number, email address, or full name. Our team is not only a group of professional ghostwriters, but they are authors as well. Through decades in the business, it is best that all communication go through your contact with Top Rated Ghostwriter. We communicate daily and even multiple times a day with our team, and we can be trusted to relay your needs and instructions to those team members.




Top Rated Ghostwriter Contracts are relatively straight forward, but we urge you to always read through every line of a contract, and ask questions if you are unsure. TPR does have a few company-specific and originated agreements within our contracts, that tend to be different than other places.


1. All invoices should be paid within 48 hours.


2. All freelancers have 2 weeks of excusable sick leave in every contract. Of course, we always strive to have your project done on time if not earlier, but it is important to remember we are people too, and we get sick. Penalizing an employee by rescinding a contract due to the writer's illness, is frowned upon, and will not be used as retribution for illness.


3. We currently only offer one Milestone Option. This is the timeline of receivables and actions:

  • A. Deposit of 50% is required upon signing of contract.

  • B.  First assigned milestone is received. Payment is made for that milestone.

  • C.  Second assigned milestone is received. Remainder of contract due minus 35% down payment.

  • D. All Optional revisions are completed. **Note: Revisions will not begin until final full payment is received and disbursed.

  • E. Client Satisfaction Sign Off




Writer Fee: We pride ourselves on our transparent fee practices. Writers choose their own wages when they first begin working with us and are aware of the nominal fee taken by our company to sustain marketability and promotions. The writer chooses to absorb the writing fee as to not pass it on to the client.

Most ghostwriting companies have a base rate for all writers regardless of experience and background. They then almost triple the price they charge their clients. The writers are being offered well below market value wages in most large ghostwriting organizations, while the company makes mass profits, bulk hires, and blindly assigns projects. You have the peace of mind, knowing that the rate we charge you is what the individual writer's request for wages truly is.


So, instead of getting a writer assigned, with no knowledge of the genre you requested, and very minimal testing for onboarding, as well as low rate standards while you're paying professional level fees, stop all that. Let us personalize and put your project into the hands of one of our dedicated and passionate team members. For the same price or lower, you are getting twice the value with TPR without breaking the bank.

Again, we take care of our family, and our family, in turn, takes care of you.


Administrative Fee:  All invoices will be assessed an administrative fee that goes toward covering payment fees on the author end of things. TPR does not take any profit from these Administrative fees.




 Turnaround time for client books depends solely on the genre, length of the book, research involved, writer availability, and client needs. We do our best to accommodate all projects on the client timeline. After the proposal is accepted, we will set dates for each turn in and include those in the contracts. We do our best to get all book projects back in a maximum of 30 days, though longer books and writer availability will determine the timeline. Adding services such as full edits can change the schedule, so all of these things are discussed from the beginning.


TPR writers are full-time writers and designers.


Most schedules are done one month ahead of time, though we will find you a writer at any time you submit. However, last-minute projects (start immediately or due within two weeks or less) will require financial pricing based on a rushed order. We always attempt to give a two-week gap between ordering and beginning of projects. This allows us to create contracts/prompts, and get all aspects of your project readiness cemented, and prepare the new project. Basically, the further in advance, you order your projects, the better it will be for everyone.